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Re: reference material

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Subject: Re: reference material
From: Robert Guinness <>
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 11:24:32 -0600
In a message dated 2/4/02 7:05:16 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> I am seeking some good reference material (books, or videos) that will
give me broad overview of MGB history, technical specs and restoration
info. I realize there are a lot of web sites out on the internet, but it
is a bit difficult to take the computer everywhere I go.

Almost all of the recommended books can also be found on
(believe it or not).  The prices are relatively low. Sometimes they have
used ones for lesser cost.  Quite frankly, this would have been the last
place I would have gone for these books.  But I received a gift Bentley
Manual through them and I did a search and was surprised to see all of
the usually recommended books.

Robert Guinness
'77 MGB
'75 Midget

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