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Re: Safety Fast - Cops are not all that bad

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Subject: Re: Safety Fast - Cops are not all that bad
From: R C Engelhardt <>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 23:31:03 -0800
I've gotten "numerous" speeding tickets. I drive fast, I've always
driven fast, I'm sure I always will drive fast (but NOT unsafe). The
best purchase I ever made was a BEL Radar detector, hehheh.

58 MGA

Jerry Erbesfield wrote:
> Oh! Indecently, not meaning to pile on Kia, and just trying to help here:
> While I HAVE had more than my fair share of bad luck in this area, I have
> NOT ever had a ticket for even as much as 20 MPH over the speed limit much
> less 27.5 MPH over (at least in the last 40 + years). Haven't had ANY
> tickets at all in the past 5 + years either, proving that "Sometimes maybe
> you CAN make your own luck" - either way.
> Watch me get a ticket tomorrow for opening my Damn mouth!!!!
> Safety Fast!
> -Jerry Erbesfield
> 73 B Black Beauty roadster
> website-

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