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RE: Dist. replacement. - hesitation

Subject: RE: Dist. replacement. - hesitation
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 05:11:24 -0500
This hesitation triggered me:
Since I have my BGT the engine shows some hesitation when the accellerator
is pressed. This is felt best when this is done slowly when going at a low
speed and low revs. It always occurs when going faster from a stable speed.
Especially when the engine is cold it is at worst. 
When hesitating then the engine sometimes backfires in the carburattors.
When the engine comes to speed >2200 RPM the hesitation is over.
The engine is recently tuned by a knowledgable guy.

For the rest the car drives well.

Dear list what is you opinion?



'71 BGT

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> A consistent comment I received was that the Distributor could be to blame
> for the hesitation, and stumbling, but not for the engine dying
> So where should I begin looking for this one? (after I have the new
> distributor in place)

If the (electric) tach instantly drops to zero with the misfire or cutting
out you have an ignition LT problem.  If the tach still registers it is HT
or fuel.  If you can rig up one of the old-fashioned timing lights so you
can see it flashing whilst driving along you will be able to tell which.

> My gut (it only has a little less knowledge than I do,
> but I am learning :-) tells me it's the fuel pump, it has been getting
> louder, and yesterday, I started the engine and heard a very strange
> 'croaking' sound from the rear passenger side of the car, and there
> definitely aren't any frogs around my garage...
> What is a good way to test a fuel pump?

For an SU, remove a fuel pipe from a carb (watch out for a spurt from the
pipe if the ignition has been on within the last few minutes), direct it
into a decent-sized bottle, and switch on the ignition.  You should get a
regular two or three 'Ker-chunk's a second with a good jet of fuel into the
bottle with each.

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