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Re: Dist. replacement.

Subject: Re: Dist. replacement.
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 09:42:22 -0500
   The book's test for the SU fuel pump is to build a rig that pumps fuel
up a pipe and into a graduated container. MG suggests paraffin (kero)
rather than gasoline.   It looks like a neat rig and I'm sure that
someone has built one, somewhere, sometime.
   A test more frequently performed is to disconnect the fuel line in the
engine compartment and turn on the ignition to see that fuel pumps out
vigorously, that the fuel is free of air bubbles and free of crud.  
   But, (always a but),   if you have any doubts about the pump, consider
buying a new one and rebuilding the present one as a spare.  They work
great for 60M miles or so, then can get dodgy. They can be made to run by
taps with a screwdriver, thumps with something larger and sometimes even
with some of the words you learned in the Navy. It's simpler to have one
in place that you know is good. 

My gut (it only has a little less knowledge 
> than I do,
> but I am learning :-) tells me it's the fuel pump, it has been 
> getting
> louder, and yesterday, I started the engine and heard a very strange
> 'croaking' sound from the rear passenger side of the car, and there
> definitely aren't any frogs around my garage...
> What is a good way to test a fuel pump?
> I am getting a serious edumacation on this list.
> Thanks
> Wil.

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