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Re: Neighbor from Hell!

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Subject: Re: Neighbor from Hell!
From: "Denise Thorpe" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 16:44:49 -0500
Well, no.  Aside from owning a zillion cars and using the occasional power
tool, I'm actually a very good neighbor (meaning almost never seen or
heard) and I'm environmentally friendly.  I recycle everything I can,
including motor oil, and I hold onto the stuff I should be able to recycle
but can't find a place to take.  I currently have a stack of metal,
including Volvo brake rotors, that nobody wants.  All of the shops I've
talked to say they just throw metal parts away.  Aarrgghh!  Some poor bozo
had to dig that stuff out of the ground!  There's a limited supply!  One of
these days, we're going to have to find bozos willing to mine that stuff
from landfills!

I just think it's funny when I have all of the characteristics someone is
complaining about and _I_ know I'm a good person.  It makes me wonder if
_other_ people know :-0.  I didn't mean to belittle your ex-neighbor
problems, especially since I'm having some myself.  Just this morning, I
put up a plywood noise-break to cut down on the nighttime harassment from
the people behind me and I'm just about to order 12 trees that can be
planted right next to each other and will get 45' tall in three years. 
That'll teach 'em to piss off the person who is due South of them and owns
the land right up to their house.


> We had a strip of land between our driveways that my wife used as a flower
> garden. Do you rid your motorcycle over your neighbors flowers because you
> can't get it down the driveway because of all the old cars? Do you change
> oil in the cars and pour it on the flowers?
> I could go on, but I don't want to remember. We have moved, and our
> neighbors are nice, dull, friendly folk.
> Jack

--- Denise Thorpe
--- xyzabc

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