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Re: How odd

To: Scott Allen <>
Subject: Re: How odd
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 12:31:05 -0600
Scott Allen wrote:
> Hi,
> My room mate is tearing up the roads of Northern Virginia in my 74 1/2 BGT
> while I'm off in a far off land, and he reports this problem which I'll
> admit is strange...
> Yesterday on the way to work he noticed that the passenger side headlight
> was on.
> The light switch was off.
> He put the light switch on, (car running) passenger side headlight stayed
> on, driver side did not come on.
> He turned the car off.  Passenger side headlight stayed on.
> So as not to drain the battery, (he thought) he pulled the fuses.  The
> headlight stayed on.
> So of course he pulled the ground on the battery and it went out.
> Like the subject says: how odd.
> Anyone else have this happen to them?
> My inclination is to have him start checking out the switch for a short and
> work back to the headight wiring, but I thought I'd draw from the deep well
> of knowledge here before giving him his marching orders.

Might be a hanging wire somewhere. 

I helped drive a 66 passenger schoolbus to California and back to
Oklahoma some years back; it was for an event connected to the "US"
festival. In the high desert between Needles and Barstow I was
sleeping in the back when they woke me up to say the bus wouldn't

The engine was running, with the transmission in gear; the drive
shaft was turning, but there was no drive. I pulled out my tools and
took the rear cover off the final drive. The two-speed rear axle was
disengaged, halfway between the two ranges. I traced this to the
wire under the dash that was supposed to actuate the axle shift. The
switch had been removed at some time in the past and the wire was
dangling under the dash. It had swung over during a turn and shorted
to a hot contact just long enough to pull the rear axle out of one
range but not far enough to engage the other.

I found an old push-button switch in my toolbox and rigged it up. We
had dual range rear ratio for the rest of the trip home.

It also might be a short in the loom. If the short can't be found, I
would run a new wire and clip and tape the ends of the old shorted

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