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Re: Super-Maggot?

Subject: Re: Super-Maggot?
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 13:36:09 EST
In a message dated 08/02/02 9:56:38 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> Now for those of you like me, who like to tinker.  We can all go over to the
> corner of the garage and talk about my ideas for a Supercharged, Port
> Injected, Crank Fired, Laptop Mapped, Cross Flow MGB engine to stuff in my
> Magnette.

Kelvin - interesting idea, but why waste a nice motor like that on a Magnette 

The crossflow heads with 4 ports do respond to injection, and indeed 
Tecalemit-Jackson (sp?) made a mechanical set-up in the old days that 
apparently worked fairly well. Of course you'd still be one camshaft away 
from a REAL MG motor.......

For those unfamiliar with mechanical injection, it uses a cam that controls 
fuel flow - instead of programming a computer or burning another PROM chip, 
you just take the old Dremel to the fuel cam to lean it out in some part of 
the range, or make a new cam.

I had seriously considered a conversion to FI on my old Lambo, but when I 
found out what the cost of replacing 6 - 40 DCOEs was, figured that I could 
find something much less expensive to play with.


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