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Fuel Injection & supercharger.

Subject: Fuel Injection & supercharger.
From: "Paul T. Root" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 13:26:15 -0600
I've been following the FI debate. And I've seen that
supercharger before, looks cool. 

Anyway, I like to think of myself as environmentally inclined. 
But tend not to give money to the main environmental groups 
because I find their tactics as radical and sometimes terroristic.

Ok, that's off topic. My '77 came from California, and all the
smog stuff is on it. I'm tending to keep it on, but I want more
power. So I've looked at a lot of sites and have found a site
that suggests that you can put an American made generic catalitic
converter on with the peco header and exhaust. 

Now, I know the HIF carbs and the Weber DGV have provisions for
emissions stuff. So the question is, is the ZS carb much cleaner
than the HIF? I gotta think the DGV would be at least as clean.

I gotta think a "cake and eat it too" synario with the FI, a header
and cat would be very welcome to the California people. Much better
than that combined manifold. Plus it moves the cat out from under
the hood, helping heat a lot. 

The Twin Cities, MN just stopped smog tests under Jesse's headlock, 
err administration. But I believe they will come back in 5-10 years. 
I've looked at collector plates, but they don't let me drive the

Whether or not any of the things are enforced is not the point
to me. 

Sorry for the Misc ramblings.


I locked my keys in the car at work, and then this panhandler
with a three legged dog came up, and ... oh, nevermind.  It's
just too complicated to explain.
--from "Excuses, Excuses" *the* compendium of excuses by Leigh W. Rutledge

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