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RE: Jet assembly replacement

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Subject: RE: Jet assembly replacement
From: "Maynard Hirsch" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 18:24:06 -0600
It is not a real big job to replace the jets.  As saidin the other note, I
would replace both at the same time.

First make sure that the old jet is completelly removed from the float bowl.
Often bits of the old rubber seal remain, and this would prevent the new seal
from seating and sealing properly.  Also make sure that the threads are not
stripped and the bowl is not cracked.

The tube is probably vinyl, not neoprene.  Put the gland nut on the tube,
making sure the threads are pointing toward the bowl.  put the gland seal on
and then insert the fitting in the end of the tube.

The hardest part of replacing the jet is centering it.  If you have the proper
tool great, if not, it will take some doing.  The damper, with the needle
installed, should make a solid thunk when raised and released.  If it doesn't,
the jet is not centered, try again until it is centered.  If it is not
centered you will have trouble with idle speed and possible acceleration.

Once the jet is centered, insert the tube into the bowl and tighten the gland
nut.  Now check jet height, and you can install the carb.  You will have to
set the  carbs up as the mixture has been changed.

Good lukc, let me know if you need any more help.

Maynard Hirsch

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