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The Panel Shop

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Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 10:35:50 -0500
V&J Pina asks about The Panel Shop.  They are located at 1785 Barnum Ave.,
Stratford, CT 06614.  And, are affiliated with Automotive Restorations Inc.   Vintage Racing Service Inc. is also
part of ARI.

See the Connecticut MG Club website for some photos of their shop.

BTW, Mark & Steve are probably the best "panel beaters" I have ever seen in
operation.  I have known them since 1991 and the work I have seen them do is
remarkable.  I once saw a kidney-shaped aluminum fuel tank for a motorcycle
they had produced from nothing but photos & dimensions.  They were trained
in the U.K. where one worked for Rolls the other for Aston Martin.

They have done some work on my MGB.  Excellent results.

The only other craftsman I can compare them to is an auto interior wood
restorer in Nyack, NY, Marc Wallach.  These three can all work from
photographs to produce extraordinary finished products.  Remarkable!

No financial involvement with either business.  Just passing on my knowledge
& experience.

Norm Sippel
'66 MGB
'59 Turner

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