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where to install manual choke?

Subject: where to install manual choke?
From: "Henry D. Reynolds" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 14:04:03 -0600
I have just about finished converting my '77 MGB to dual SU carbs. I was 
pleased to find that the K&N filters that i got really do fit between 
the rear carb and the brake booster.

but my real questions is where in the passenger compartment to  install 
the choke  handle AND what should i do w/ the spare coolant hose from 
the rear of the head? i found the heater pipe that was bolted to the 
previous heat shield and have thought of mounting it to the bottom of 
the heat shield. for the choke i am thinking  about using a small angle 
iron to mount underneath the dash....

PS i have been playing with a program called "hypermail" and using it to 
archiving this list since Nov of last year.... if you want to check it 
out look at this URL:

Henry D. Reynolds
'72 B - engine out
'77 B - engine in

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