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Re: where to install manual choke?

To: "Henry D. Reynolds" <>
Subject: Re: where to install manual choke?
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 17:19:09 -0500 (EST)
I converted by '76 to Su's 2 years ago. I knew that the choke usually
was placed  as described by others at a blank on the upper right of the
dash, but I have fat hands and could not squeeze one to use the proper
place. I mounted a slotted  L bracket on the left side of the dash
(driver's side  as I have a LH model), just above
the hood handle, and mounted the choke there. You'll notice the square 
metal piece at the base of the dash. 

It's worked fine.


On Sun, 10
Feb 2002, Henry D. Reynolds wrote:

> I have just about finished converting my '77 MGB to dual SU carbs. I was 
> pleased to find that the K&N filters that i got really do fit between 
> the rear carb and the brake booster.
> but my real questions is where in the passenger compartment to  install 
> the choke  handle AND what should i do w/ the spare coolant hose from 
> the rear of the head? i found the heater pipe that was bolted to the 
> previous heat shield and have thought of mounting it to the bottom of 
> the heat shield. for the choke i am thinking  about using a small angle 
> iron to mount underneath the dash....
> PS i have been playing with a program called "hypermail" and using it to 
> archiving this list since Nov of last year.... if you want to check it 
> out look at this URL:
> Henry D. Reynolds
> '72 B - engine out
> '77 B - engine in

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