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alternators 2

Subject: alternators 2
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 06:57:32 -0700
By "going through" i mean that i put a brand new one on, rebuilt by a
specialty company in phoenix which does them for the shop i go to, and
then a few weeks or a few days later, the car dies.  I bring the car
into the shop, and the battery is not charging.  I put a different
alternator on, check to see it's charging, it is, and away i go.  A few
weeks to a few days later, the car dies again.  Check for charging,
none, put a new alternator on and it charges.  I dont' know yet what
exactly is failing in them.  Over the time I've had the car, I've gone
through maybe a dozen, mostly cheap Checker ones, but I've now gone
through 4 or 5 of these high quality rebuilts.
This question is driving me crazy, and the car is worthless until I get
this solved.
Please, does anyone have any shot in the dark ideas for me?
Mike Jose
79 B

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