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Subject: alternators
From: "Tim Economu" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 09:29:08 -0800
I am going through an alternator once every several days.  I have a new
wiring harness, everything tight.  All the gauges work, all the lights
work.  The alternator, when installed, will charge fine at first.
Eventually, though, I lose charge and the car dies.  I had an old plug

First things first. Do the newly installed alternators actually charge? At
what voltage? Should be around 13.8-14.5 for an lead acid battery with the
engine at over 1500 rpm. What is the output voltage when the alternators

Having just rebuilt two 16ACR alternators, here is what I would recommend.
Tear down the newly 'bad' alternator, and see what actually fails. If diodes
(what I ended up replacing, then you have a wiring problem, probably an open
circuit between your battery and alternator. the alternator output and
battery are connected and must always have the same voltage. Is this so on
your car?

By the way, diodes are quick and easy to replace....and a ton cheaper than a
rebuilt alternator!!

Kind regards,

Tim Economu

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