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Re: help a new A owner

Subject: Re: help a new A owner
From: "Dave Munroe" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 07:51:14 -0400
Well, Jim;

You are in luck! Since almost NOBODY drags old cars from Canada to the U.S., 
but lots of Canadians drag same said old cars north, there are lots and lots 
of dollies in Canada waiting to be hauled back to the U.S.
In January, a friend of mine bought an MGC in Mass. and we discovered you 
can rent a dolly to go south from Canada for $45 Can., but the same trip 
north was over $400 U.S !
So we had to drag a borrowed dolly empty down to Marblehead to pick up this 
MGC. Empty dollies are no fun to drag. They get into a sympathetic harmony 
with the springs of the tow vehicle, increasing in amplitude and frequency 
until you are swinging violently from side to side. Any little bump or side 
wind will set it off. There are two things you can do: drop the dolly tire 
pressure to about 10 psi, and strap sand bags to the dolly. We had about 
600# on ours. This let us haul the empty dolly at about 65 mph in relative 
comfort and safety.

The MGC was a tight squeeze but made it. Rolling it on the dolly was a piece 
of cake. Two ladies in high heels could do it. Oh, yes, like an old Gold 
Wing without reverse, don't drive into anywhere with the MGA on the dolly 
you have to back out can't!

Dragging north, we had to inform the Canadian Customs and provide the border 
crossing office with original papers 72 hours in advance. U.S. Customs may 
vary, but you should definitely check that out before you find yourself a 
reluctant tourist in a Sarnia Motel for three days.

Other than that, the dolly is the least expensive way to tow. Not fun, but 

Been there, done that.


>From: "Jim" <>
>Reply-To: "Jim" <>
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>Subject: help a new A owner
>Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 16:58:38 -0500
>I've been lurking for the last 4-5 months without wheels but now I've
>finally bought an MGA, a beautiful red 58. I couldn't be more excited.
>However, I have to figure out how to get it from Toronto to Michigan (via
>the Sarnia/Port Huron border) Assuming I can't drive it because it's not
>wearing my plates yet, I was going to rent one of those U-Haul two-axle
>trailers and tow it over the border.  I swear you guys had a discussion
>about the U-Haul trailer recently but I can't find it and there's no way to
>search the archives.  Help me out here. Does the A fit easily?  Any 
>getting it on the trailer? How about crossing the border? Any tips that 
>make it go smoother? Thanks. I'm dying to get the car here so I can stare 
>it for two months while waiting for spring.
>Jim Plegue
>58 A (almost)

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