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RE: where to buy EBC pads

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Subject: RE: where to buy EBC pads
From: "Larry Hoy" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 07:40:14 -0700
I have had my machinist make some slotted rotors for MGBs.  I start with
a Brembo rotor and he slots it.  We make several at a time to save a
little $$$.  It is a coop effort among several MG racers here in the
Rocky Mountain area.  

I guess if anyone on this list would like to get in on the deal you
could contact me OFF LIST.  I sure don't want to get kicked off for

:- )

Drilling rotors is an effective way to cool the rotor too.  However
because of phantom reports of drilled rotors breaking, they are not
allowed with my race group....

As far as special friction material there are shops in the US that will
put just about any material you want on any shoe or pad backing.

Larry Hoy

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> Subject: where to buy EBC pads
> Another lister mentioned Tire Rack; Proper MG at
> Http:// has EBC pad and high performance "slotted" 
> rotors. Another vendor (not sure if that's correct 
> url) has lengthy article about pads, shoes and rotors.
> A vintage racer friend (MGA) goes to the local brake and clutch shop
> and has them make pads and shoes with off the shelf special linings.
> Allen Hess

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