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Re: Problem opening bonnett

Subject: Re: Problem opening bonnett
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 10:52:42 EST
Opening stuck Bonnets... Look directly under area where the lock mechanism 
is. In most B/L BMC cars there is a cut out that is directly under the 
mechanism. Then, try sticking a long (12-15 inch long shaft) up into access 
hole until it reaches the loop in the cable leading to the spring loaded 
latch . Once you have the screw driver  securely in the cable loop, try using 
leverage to open the spring loaded locking mechanism with a motion that will 
spread open the latch  by pulling on the cable with a motion until you've 
freed the pin. I hope this works it is a normal type fix it procedure for BEL 
and BMC stuck bonnet latches (in Jaguars and MGB's) Look for a plastic or 
rubber-type plug that you'll have to pull out in order to access the actual 
maintenance hole.                                                 
Albert Escalante  
1978 MGB, 1985 XJ-6, 
1977 XJ-6Lump, 1957 Mk.1 Jag.
Central Coast British Car Club
Port Hueneme, CA. 93044-0128

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