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Re: Visit to the USA

Subject: Re: Visit to the USA
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 14:00:12 EST
Boy, you are one lucky son of a gun!! First on, the weekend of April 12-14, 
2002 one of the greatest bunch of MG & LBC owners in the world will be 
holding their annual North Meets South 2002 British car show, rally and 
banquet. I'm sure that you'd win the Furthest Distance Traveled Trophy (FDTT) 
if you decide to go. Hint: Let them know ahead of times that you're coming, 
they'd really Dig It! For more information contact Lorin Cuthbert at 1-(805) 
937-6851 or e-mail him at => Maybe they could even line 
you up with a place to stay and a LBC to crooose in (??) Hey..How about some 
racing? The week end of May 4/5 2002 Moss Motors & VARA (Vintage Auto Racing 
Association) will be feting their Annual British Extravaganza!! In which 
they'll have a weekend of round the clock activities including a full two day 
racing program for over 250 cars, an MG/Triumph challenge race...the much 
loved Sprite/Midget shoot-outs (My favorite!) Oh yeah there will be a visit 
by Neville McKay who'll be bringing about 8 Minis from your neck of the bush. 
Drive your own car on the track on both Sat. & Sunday (Yes, you can drive 
your rent a car if you meet the criteria) ask Kelvin Dodd all about it by 
either calling him at Moss Motors @ 1-(800)-235-6954 Ext.3023 or e-mailing 
him at >><< or by hanging out here long enough. He's been 
known to stop by by on occasion.. That'll do you for a couple of week-ends 
anyone know of any other things...Come on now, lets show  him some good old 
USA hospitality!
Albert Escalante  
Central Coast British Car Club
Port Hueneme, CA. 93044-0128

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