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Re: Weeping MGB caliper? (question about DOT 5)

Subject: Re: Weeping MGB caliper? (question about DOT 5)
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 13:50:41 -0500
I can relate my first hand experience with DOT 5 in my '66 MGB.
First, I did flush the system with alcohol, and I did replace
the rear wheel cylinders with new. The master cylinder was honed
and rebuilt. My problem with DOT 5 was mainly related to the
pressure operated brake light switch used on the '66. For some
reason, I had multiple failures of this device and this has been
frequently posted here. I went through 3 or 4 over several
years and eventually changed over to the later mechanical switch
mounted to the pedal box. Later on I began to experience leaks
in the master cylinder even after replacing it with new. I used
DOT 5 for about 20 years. Although I had originally changed over
to DOT5 to protect my self applied paint job, I started to be
concerned that with the leaks I was experiencing I was really
contaminating the car's painted surface with a goodly amount of
silicone so that I might really have a problem during any
subsequent re-finish with 'fish -eyes'. This fall I flushed it
out, replaced the seals on the wheel cylinders (in situ), same
with the clutch slave, and both masters. And a new MK1 brake
light switch. I'm back with Girling LMA, but my car really needs
a re-finish now anyway. On the other hand, IIRC several listers
have reported no problem at all with DOT5. I never had a problem
with the front calipers leaking. At this point let me insert a
plug for Gunson's Eezi-bleed (or alternate home-made pressure
bleeder). It works well with any brake fluid formulation and
makes life easier on the domestic front. Back then the best
source I knew of for DOT5 was Muskegon Brake.

Dave Culgan '66 MGB

>"Henry D. Reynolds" <> was wondering if anyone had
>has any first hand negative experience w/ this type of brake fluid
>or if anyone had any particular recommendations as to brands or

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