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RE: Which Top Header Rail?

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Subject: RE: Which Top Header Rail?
From: "Larry Hoy" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 21:26:33 -0700
I'm pretty sure that the headers were gray at least though 1970.

Larry Hoy

> Here's the scoop as I see it.  The early cars had grey header 
> rails and frames and chrome latches.  After '67, the latches 
> were aluminum, but I'm not sure when the header rails and 
> frames turned black.  The confusion in this comes from the 
> fact that both types of tops--stowaway and fold down--were 
> available all years.  I have three '67 B's and two came with 
> the grey stowaway frame, and thus, the grey header rails with 
> the plugs in the threaded holes.  The third '67 B came with 
> the early fold down grey frame with the grey header rail 
> bolted to it and with chrome latches.  The stowaway top was 
> standard through '67, but the fold down top was an option. 
> After '67, the fold down top was standard, but the stowaway 
> top was an option.
> If you decide to use the fold down top, be aware that the 
> early fold down frame is different from the later fold down 
> frame and requires a different ragtop, but a matching set of 
> frame and top will work on any year of car.  
> Does that clear anything up? ;-)
> Denise

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