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Fw: Need Chrome Plater

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Subject: Fw: Need Chrome Plater
From: "Scott Hower" <>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 11:03:48 -0500
I can highly recommend Paul's Chrome Plating, Evans City, PA.  800.245.8679
Triple chrome show plating is their only business.  They are a bit old
fashioned; they do alot of work for the Hemmings crowd.
If you are looking for a quickie job, these folks probably aren't for you:

I had a bunch of small pieces rechromed here and was very pleased with the
results. Their prices are not cheap but their work is outstanding.  I've
heard that good plating is labor intensive:  you're paying for the polishing
steps (and the base metals disposal), not the chroming step itself.

These folks repaired my pot metal mirror base to perfection - it was badly
pitted and had a chunk missing.  When I asked about pricing, I was told that
a bumper and grille for a big 40/50's American sedan can run into the
thousands of dollars.  =:0   My MGB shift boot ring was $40.   (yeah, I know
a new one from Moss is about half of that, but the finish isn't in the same


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