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Re: Fw: Need Chrome Plater

To: Scott Hower <>
Subject: Re: Fw: Need Chrome Plater
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 12:44:34 -0600
There was a very good article on chrome plating and polishing metal in
GRM about this time last year if I remember correctly. You might look
for it online at At the very least
you good get the back issue. But after reading one, you'd have to get
a subscription. :-)


Scott Hower wrote:
> I can highly recommend Paul's Chrome Plating, Evans City, PA.  800.245.8679
> Triple chrome show plating is their only business.  They are a bit old
> fashioned; they do alot of work for the Hemmings crowd.
> If you are looking for a quickie job, these folks probably aren't for you:
> I had a bunch of small pieces rechromed here and was very pleased with the
> results. Their prices are not cheap but their work is outstanding.  I've
> heard that good plating is labor intensive:  you're paying for the polishing
> steps (and the base metals disposal), not the chroming step itself.
> These folks repaired my pot metal mirror base to perfection - it was badly
> pitted and had a chunk missing.  When I asked about pricing, I was told that
> a bumper and grille for a big 40/50's American sedan can run into the
> thousands of dollars.  =:0   My MGB shift boot ring was $40.   (yeah, I know
> a new one from Moss is about half of that, but the finish isn't in the same
> league.)
> --Scott

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