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Got the Donor

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Subject: Got the Donor
From: "David Hill" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 12:48:56 -0000
Hello, All.

I just towed in a donor car which may be rebuildable, body wise. It's been
standing for three years and had to be towed from the depths of the garden
of the next house but one.
For anyone interested, it's a '72 GT, complete apart from the windscreen
chrome surround. It has...
New radiator and alternator, good stainless exhaust, rearlights, glass,
locks and even one new tyre! It's had a rebore and new pistons and the
bottom end is said to be good. I'll be trying to get it running next
Also included, one sill kit, stainless sill covers, two new floorpans and a
brand new heater matrix. Plus, there is documentation, including a Heritage
certificate. Main thing is, the car's complete and exactly the same year as
Cost? #200...$285.71, according to the currency convertor I found, plus a
bottle of Vin Rouge for the guy who brought a Land Rover to tug it from its
shallow grave.
Any comments, apart from the obvious?

Dave Hill
2 x '72 BGTs

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