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RE: need chrome plater + clean and polish an SU

Subject: RE: need chrome plater + clean and polish an SU
From: "James Laukaitis" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 11:03:55 -0500
>>There was a very good article on chrome plating and polishing metal in
>>GRM about this time last year if I remember correctly.

Right you are. It was, "Fit & Trim. Make Your Car's Brightwork Look New
Again." GRM, APR 2001, p. 113

I also have a question. I am cleaning up my SU's, and I am wondering about
the clean up on the inside of the piston housing. I think I am going to
skip scotchbrite, but will Simachrome be a problem? The reason I ask is
that someone I spoke to used Scotchbrite on the inside and supposedly
removed too much material, or made it too grooved and the piston didn't
have its nice tight fit anymore and leaked. Should I just use soap and
water and leave it at that?


Jim Laukaitis
'67 BGT
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