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Re: need chrome plater + clean and polish an SU

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Subject: Re: need chrome plater + clean and polish an SU
From: "Mike Janacek" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 16:44:15 -0500
I wouldn't use anything harsher than maybe a chrome (Simachrome?) or
aluminum polish and then only if there was heavy varnish on the inside of
the dampners. Usually just a carb cleaner will suffice. Same for the OD of
the pistons.


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Subject: RE: need chrome plater + clean and polish an SU

> >>There was a very good article on chrome plating and polishing metal in
> >>GRM about this time last year if I remember correctly.
> Right you are. It was, "Fit & Trim. Make Your Car's Brightwork Look New
> Again." GRM, APR 2001, p. 113
> I also have a question. I am cleaning up my SU's, and I am wondering about
> the clean up on the inside of the piston housing. I think I am going to
> skip scotchbrite, but will Simachrome be a problem? The reason I ask is
> that someone I spoke to used Scotchbrite on the inside and supposedly
> removed too much material, or made it too grooved and the piston didn't
> have its nice tight fit anymore and leaked. Should I just use soap and
> water and leave it at that?
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