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another insurance question

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Subject: another insurance question
From: William Killeffer <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 19:58:25 -0500
All these insurance questions have got me thinking...
I can't think how much I pay for my 74 MGB on my current insurance, but it
seems pretty high and it's only for liability and underinsured motorists.
The insurance company is Central Insurance Cos. of Van Wert Ohio, in case
anyone wants to know or has heard of them. I'm located in Chattanooga, TN,
which is reputed to have a high uninsured population but a recent state law
requiring motorists to carry insurance could change that.
Do any of the classic insurance companies *not* require you to have a
locking garage? The house I'm renting at present does not have a garage, but
has a fenced driveway with a locking gate. Needless to say, one of the
requirements my wife and I have for a house is that it has a garage that's
at least big enough for the MG. Hopefully, we'll get one in the next year or
so, but we have to use what we've got for now.
Any experiences or ideas would be helpful.
-William Killeffer

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