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Availability of POR-15 in Europe?

Subject: Availability of POR-15 in Europe?
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 11:36:48 +0100
Dear List,

Thanks for all the responses to my "underbodycoating"
question. Does anybody know whether, for example POR-15
is available in Europe?  (The Netherlands) I've searched
the web and only found a couple of distributors in the
U.S.A. (Except one in Germany, I'm waiting for a response
from them)

The example given by the company which sells POR-15 is
a (removable) battery-tray. My question: Has anyone got
experience doing the "underbody" of a MG with POR-15 or
can it only be used for removable components.

Best regards,

Menno Meijer

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