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rubber bumpers

Subject: rubber bumpers
From: Zubrovka <>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 17:02:50 -0600
How do you restore those rubber bumpers anyway?  Mine are very dull looking.
I recall seeing a car at a show in Memphis, which had the rubber 
bumpers painted to match the car.  The owner told me he used a paint 
process similar to what GM uses on their "Endura" bumpers.  It looked 
really good in red too!
I've looked at all the chrome bumper conversions and aside from 
looking cleaner, wonder about other benefits.
For instance, weight.  The rubber bumpers weigh about 50-75 lbs each, 
so doing the conversion should improve performance?

Is there any information out there about restoring rubber bumpers?

Also, while thinking about non factory radios, has anyone checked out 
the new XM radio? <>  It seems that would be a good way to 
go, not having to mess with cd's or tapes.

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