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Re: rubber bumpers

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Subject: Re: rubber bumpers
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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 08:25:36 -0500
>How do you restore those rubber bumpers anyway?  Mine are very dull
>I recall seeing a car at a show in Memphis, which had the rubber
>bumpers painted to match the car.  The owner told me he used a paint
>process similar to what GM uses on their "Endura" bumpers.  It looked
>really good in red too!

while at my favorite auto paint store yesterday i picked up a couple of
paint chip folders from a company called SEM, one is
 "bumper coater aerosols" and the other is "color coat aerosols" (vinyl
dyes).  the rubber bumper folder has 19 colors to choose from plus some trim
colors, also on the back they give a good step by step preparation for all
the various types of rubber out there.  i used this product on my late 80b
with good success although the rubber used is quite porous and required more
material than i expected.  i have also used their vinyl dyes with excellent
results (they can match colors in this product).
check out your local paint store or the SEM # given is 704-522-1006, they
are located in Charlotte NC.
no financial interest, just a satisfied customer.

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