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Heads Up!

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Subject: Heads Up!
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 19:52:18 EST

I'm passing this along to you all hoping that some of you in thie region can 
keep your eyes open for this liscense plate.

Scott Helms (read below)

Early this AM (about 4:00!!) I received a call from a state trooper in Ohio 
telling me that a non-Healey vehicle with Virginia plates "AH 100-4", that were 
at one time registered to me, was involved in a hit and run. These plates have 
not been on one of my cars since 1998 and to the best of my knowledge were 
turned into DMV. A check today, after standing in line for an hour and a half, 
revealed that these plates are no longer issuable, whatever that implies.  A 
check with my local police precinct verified that an inquiry on that plate 
would give my information as the last registered user. I would ask that if 
anyone sees this vehicle that they report it's whereabouts to the local 
authorities as they are being used illegally and it would save me a good nights 


Doug  (

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