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Re: new rear harness and lighting trouble

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Subject: Re: new rear harness and lighting trouble
From: "Hans Duinhoven" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 08:54:46 +0100
Hi William,

Trace the specific wires back to the bullet group connector where all left
and right wires come together. There should be a fault. It will be either
the bullet connector itself carrying a loose solder joint or the black
receptacle is bad. It's always best to check for the proper electrical
wiring diagram of the right year.

The fainty glowing of brake lights / tail lghts etc. come from poor
gounding. Make sure the ground connection of every lamp is made loose,
scraped or sanded clean, covered with petrol jelly (vasaline) and refit
again. Also check if the conectors at the ground point are in good
electrical shape themselves. Last but not least have the car body where the
ground point is for these failing lamps scraped bear and covered with petrol
jelly for a long lasting optimal electrical contact.

Good luck.



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Subject: new rear harness and lighting trouble

> Hello listers,
> I installed a new rear wiring harness from Victoria British today. The
> quality is good and everything back there works better now, but there is
> problem. Something is wrong with the lights on the passenger (right) side.
> The brake light works, but the tail light and sidemarker don't and turn
> signal only lights up without flashing. Also, either the brake or tail
> glows very faintly when the turn signal is switched on. Looking at the old
> rear harness, it appears that a DPO in the past ran a wire from the left
> side lights to the right side in order to make them operational. I have
> tested all the bulbs and double checked all connections. I used contact
> cleaner and dilectric grease on all of them. I can only guess at what
> cause the lights one one side to malfunction. My question to you is what's
> the next step I should take. Also, do the tail light and side marker
> ground themselves to the body through their nuts and bolts? Even though
> main harness will need replacement in the near future, I can't afford to
> it just yet. Thanks for your assistance.
> -William Killeffer

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