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Re: new rear harness and lighting trouble

To: "William Killeffer" <>, <>
Subject: Re: new rear harness and lighting trouble
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Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 09:10:00 -0000
> Something is wrong with the lights on the passenger (right) side.
> The brake light works, but the tail light and sidemarker don't

The two sides are fused seperately, there are two red wires that come to the
back, one for each side.  If the front that side is working OK then check
the appropriate red wire at the fusebox (3rd fuse up) and the mass of
connectors nearby that feed the rear.  If neither front nor rear works check
the fuse.

> and turn
> signal only lights up without flashing. Also, either the brake or tail
> glows very faintly when the turn signal is switched on.

Check the ground connection to that cluster.

> Also, do the tail light and side marker lights
> ground themselves to the body through their nuts and bolts?

  The main tail cluster grounds through its body fixings, the side-marker
should have a black ground wire to a 4-way connector with the reversing
lights, and the fuel pump on the right side only.

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