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Subject: Portable Garages
From: "Brinkman, Gerardo V" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 20:21:40 -0500
>I am looking for some information on a "Portable Garage" ($260) that is
>in the current Harbor Freight catalog for storage of one of my MGB's.  If
>anyone has any first hand knowledge of its effectiveness I would appreciate
>reply either on or off list at
>My questions are:
>1.  How water resistant is it?  (snow is not an issue)
>2.  Does much condensation accumulate inside?
>3.  Can the sides be slid back or removed easily?
>4.  How hot does it get inside it in the summer?  (Florida sun)
I bought mine from a company in CT called "Cover-It". Heavy
duty vinyl with aluminum, poles. It's great - you can buy any
size you want in virtually colour.

It is 100% dry and has never leaked but I live in humid
New Jersey and it's like a sauna in summer, especially first
thing in the morning - and its get REALLY hot. On mine you
can't remove the sides but it does have flaps all along the
bottom, which don't really do anything.

Would I store a car in it? No way. I tried last winter and when
I took the car out in spring, every thing in the engine compartment
which was not pained had a coating of rust. I think if you could
ventilate it - it would work fine.

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