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Re: Electric MG's

To: Elvet & Nancy Moore <>
Subject: Re: Electric MG's
From: Bill Dudley <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 13:04:34 -0700

I thought this book sounded like a good read until I read the following excerpt
on the publishers web page: "Mark turned the key on the dash, and a faint
whirring sound could be heard. He floored the accelerator a couple of times, and
then climbed out of the seat, leaving the electric motor idling."   Has anyone
ever seen an electric motor idle?  Does the author know cars?

I decided not to buy the book, even though I found the concept interesting.  I
was also irritated by the authors misleading emails, as were others on the list.

Bill Dudley
67 MGB
74 1/2 V8 project

Elvet & Nancy Moore wrote:

> If you want to find out how some enterprising Brits designed and built an
> electric version of the MGB, which no longer requires a tuneup or other
> related maintenance, click on the web site below:

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