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floor replacememt for 70 mgb

Subject: floor replacememt for 70 mgb
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 15:13:35 EST
Greetings list.
    I'm going to have to cut out half the floor of my  70 mbg. I guess it was 
the vent leaking above that caused this rust in  California, since the car is 
from San Jose.
    The below link is helpful, but I am thinking that the floor is tack 
welded to the cross members, and I need to know where to drill. The sides are 
a different, cut and weld experience. 
    Any pointers would be appreciated.
    All this work on a car I am selling someday. Oh well, it's a learning 
    <insert shameless plug here.>
    I am not planning on selling the car now or I'd go through Autojumble, 
but $1200 and it's yours. Located in Vallejo, Ca. 60 or  so miles from San 
Francisco. Email for info. Yes, it runs.
'59 MGA. I love that car.
'70 MGB .bought by 'accident' Gotta sell. 
'97Audi A4.Supposed to be safe. Real safe.
'65 V.W. Panel bus. Rusting quietly in a friends field. For now.
So many cars. So little parking.

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