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backflushing cooling system--tips?

Subject: backflushing cooling system--tips?
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 13:38:24 -0700
Yes, it's almost March.
Here in Phoenix, that means that summer is almost here. Already we are
in the 80's regularly.  So before it gets to 90s daily and occasional
110s-120s, I want to completely backflush my cooling system, as it is a
liittle sludgy.
Now, I have tried this before, with limited success.  I've run water
through the engine while it ran to flush it out, I've tried some
flushing solutions commercially available, but I always seem to end up
with brownish coolant after just a little while.  Is this symptomatic of
something, or is there another way to flush?
What have any of you guys used?
I had my radiator redone a year and a half ago, and I would like to keep
it nice, as a radiator helps out here.
As per my alternator problem, it seems that a lot of it is the plug,
which keeps falling out.  I'm still having some trouble with the
ignition light glowing at night, but I believe it to be bad
connections.  Hopefully I'll get that worked out.
that's enough for now
Mike Jose
79 B phx

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