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Re: backflushing cooling system--tips?

Subject: Re: backflushing cooling system--tips?
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:27:54 -0500
  Rinsing the cooling system is pretty straightforward. All you really
need is a garden hose.  Although there are many cooling system chemicals
available, and I have used them regularly over the years,  the one time I
opened the engine within a week of using a cleaner as directed I found
that it was plugged with rusty paste. There are lots of cleaners, though,
so they must do the job for others. 
  What has worked best for me is to disconnect the heater hoses, hose out
the sediment in the heater core, then reconnect them. 
  Next, I disconnect radiator hoses and flush out sediment in that.
  Then I remove the thermostat and force water through the block. 
  Rinse heater core and rad again before reassembly. 
   When you refill, pour in the prescribed quantity of antifreeze, then
top off with the water. Doing this compensates for the left-over rinse
water that does not always drain completely and would dilute your mixture
if you pre-mixed AF and water.

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002 13:38:24 -0700 Michael Jose <> writes:
> Yes, it's almost March.
> Here in Phoenix, that means that summer is almost here. Already we 
> are
> in the 80's regularly.  So before it gets to 90s daily and 
> occasional
> 110s-120s, I want to completely backflush my cooling system, as it 
> is a
> liittle sludgy.
> Now, I have tried this before, with limited success.  I've run water
> through the engine while it ran to flush it out, I've tried some
> flushing solutions commercially available, but I always seem to end 
> up
> with brownish coolant after just a little while.  Is this 
> symptomatic of
> something, or is there another way to flush?
> What have any of you guys used?
> I had my radiator redone a year and a half ago, and I would like to 
> keep
> it nice, as a radiator helps out here.
> Mike Jose
> 79 B phx

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