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Now Alt. Light

To: "'Michael Jose'" <>,
Subject: Now Alt. Light
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:22:56 -0800

        The alternator light symptom you describe sounds like a defective
diode in the rectifier pack on the alternator.

        The alternator is charging, but at a much lower output than normal.
So long as you don't drive all night with the headlights and heater on, you
will be fine and the battery will stay charged.  When time and money
permits, either replace the rectifier pack or change out the alternator.

        Early MGBs with generators normally have the charge light on at
idle, as the generator has little output at low revs, hence the crys of
normalcy from our electron challenged early car brethren.


who drove around with a bit of tape over the charge light of his 70 MGB for
a year before rebuilding the alternator.  Yes, I AM A DPO!!!  (and proud of

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> Subject: brake pads accomplished
> Now onto the bad news: the ignition light is still coming on. 
>  I checked
> the voltage at the battery, and I have 12.6 with the car off, and 12.5
> with it on.  When I turn on the lights, I get 12.4 or 12.3.  The light
> glows dimly, getting brighter at lower revs.  The car always 
> starts, and
> the alternator plug is now secure, so what's the culprit?  I have been
> through so many alternators, I would simply like to get this one
> solved.  Any ideas or things to check would be greatly appreciated.

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