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Re: God Awful squeal - bad news?

Subject: Re: God Awful squeal - bad news?
From: Eric <>
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 06:37:15 +0930
Tab Julius wrote:
> Okay, fan belt off, removed, not there - still squeals.
> Alternator is not moving, so it's not that, correct?
> Water pump not moving, so it's not that, correct?
> What am I looking at here?  It seems to come from the passenger side, but
> sounds are deceptive.

Passenger side?  Apart from funny one-liners about telling your wife to
get out if she is going to squeal every time you drift around those corners...

The most annoying squeal I had lately actually came from the clutch - my
fancy (and very wonderful) 'button' clutch. Every time I would
accelerate from a full stop, letting the clutch out would emit a squeal
that scared dogs and small children nearby.  It was embarrassing.  I was
told to just 'drive through it' and see if it went away, which it did
after a few weeks.

When does it squeal?  Are you changing gears?  Taking off or already
moving and accelerating?  All the time?

Adelaide, South Australia

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