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Re: God Awful squeal - bad news?

Subject: Re: God Awful squeal - bad news?
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 10:59:25 -0400
At 10:50 AM 10/2/02, wrote:
>In a message dated 10/1/02 6:10:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> writes:
>It isn't hard to test the starter, but you need to remove the starter, 
>which requires tiny hands.

My hands aren't that small, but I bet my 6-yr-old son would be perfect for 
this! :)

>Take out the starter, wrap a rag around it and clamp it (not too tight) in 
>a vise.  Use your jumper cables from the battery to the starter.  Clamp 
>the ground to one of the mounting ears, and then just touch the hot to the 
>terminal post.  The starter will spin like a house on fire and the pinion 
>gear should move down it's shaft.
>If the gear is sticking, or it doesn't move freely, clean it all off with 
>brake cleaner or carb cleaner and lube it with a VERY light coating of 
>white lithium grease.  As long as nothing is bent, it should be fine.
>Use care not to spin the terminal post when you put the starter cable back 
>on.  It can cause a short in the starter.

I'll see about taking a crack at this, though I might just put in a new one 
anyway.  Lord knows how long the current one has been in there. (it's a '78B).

>Replacement is the reverse of removal.  I have a 1500 Midget, and I'm not 
>sure what car you have.  The starter is a lot of fun to remove and refit 
>in a Midget.

Assuming you're being facetious here. :)

I don't have access to a lift - I'll have to buy some ramps (which I really 
am overdue to buy anyway).  Hopefully it can be done from under there.

- Tab

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