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Re: POR-15 min temperature

Subject: Re: POR-15 min temperature
From: Don Malling <>
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 22:45:27 -0400
Hi Corey, 

Thanks for helping, and thanks to all the others who responded. 

I think Steve Shoyer found it 45F-95F....

This from Steve....

Their website gives the recommended temperature range as 45-95 F.  See for details.


Don Malling wrote:
> I checked both POR-15 corporate website, and a reseller's
> ( but to no avail. It would be reasonsible
> to assume that similar conditions like many other paints should be present
> - humidity and temperature being the major factors.
> Painting Temperature
> When using latex be sure that the temperature is above 50 degrees F. It is
> difficult for latex to form a film at lower temperatures. With
> solvent-borne paint, be sure the temperature is at least 5 degrees above
> the dew point. If it isn't, water may condense on the surface as it cools
> while the solvent evaporates, causing an uneven blushing effect.
> While most conventional paints must be applied above 55 degrees
> fahrenheit, cold weather paints are designed to resist moisture, frosting,
> and blistering in temperatures as low as 35 degrees
> Corey Sherman

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