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RE: non lbc content

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Subject: RE: non lbc content
From: "Larry Hoy" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 22:35:16 -0600
You can only send successfully from the address you subscribed with.
For instance if you have a couple of email addresses and send from X but
subscribed with Y it won't go through.  Or if you send from Y but have
configured your email software to respond to X you will also have a

If you have two (or more) addresses, and you reply to a message from the
list your program will probably use your list account to reply with.  If
however you have a different address as your default address then send a
new message, it will be sent from the default address and not make it
through the filters.

All this is to keep the lists from getting spam.  The list manager
software 'kills' all messages not sent from the subscribed addresses.

Of course you do have to snip the trailer.

Larry Hoy

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> Pardon my straying from the LBC forum.
> I have a computer problem. I have often sent an e-mail to the 
> list, either with a question, or a comment but it does not go 
> thru. 

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