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Re: non lbc content

To: "" <>
Subject: Re: non lbc content
From: Aubrey Schneider <>
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 09:11:24 -0700
> l
> > I have a computer problem. I have often sent an e-mail to the list,
> > either with a question, or a comment but it does not go thru.
> > It shows on my sent page as gone but does not appear on the list.
> > I move the sent message to drafts & send it again & still no show.
> >
> > For some unknown reason, when I send it again from drafts, all 3 show
> > up.

> At the bottom of the message as it hits the list
> and come to you'll notice a series of lines
> beginning with   ///
> If this footer is in a reply to an will not go to the lists.
> This was Marks way of stopping people from posting
> replies to replies to replies to replies....
> (forces you to trim the length of your emails)
> Just delete the footer (and anything after it) and they'l go through.
> I do delete all footers as a matter of course. It made no difference.

I am, today going to send my original message, which will be the 3rd
Let's see what happens.

Thanks so far.

///  or try
///  Archives at

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