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BGT wanted

To: MGaholics <>
Subject: BGT wanted
From: Tim Baxter <>
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 09:04:52 -0500
Well, I hope I've built up enough good car-ma, cause it looks like 
I've persuaded She Who Must Be Obeyed....

I'm watching out for a B-GT project. I would prefer a 67 or a 72-74, 
as I like synchros AND glove boxes, but all years will be considered.
It has to be cheap. Like under $1000 cheap. For that price, I'm 
willing to put up with a little rust (not too much, though, SWMBO 
remembers the swiss cheese BMW 320 I drug home), and a thoroughly 
tatty interior. Car needs to move and stop under it's own power, too, 
even if it doesn't do it all that well. I need to be able to drive it 
while I start fixing stuff.
I can haul home anything within a days drive of Kansas City, 
These are the best terms I could get, so I've got to live with them.
If anyone has any leads, I'd much appreciate it. I was all set to go 
after a '70 in Indiana, but I think it sold.

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