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Re: Appraisals

To: "Steve P." <>, <>
Subject: Re: Appraisals
From: Eugene Balinski <>
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 11:05:14 -0300

   Try asking your local insurance agent for the name of an appraiser in
your area.  My friend recently had his 53 'TD appraised for similar reasons
and his agency recommended a very good one close to where he lives.   

   When you do get your appraisal, do a 'sanity check' on the reported
value.  I am sure that you have a value in your head of what you feel that
the car is worth.  Make sure that the appraiser is not trying to low-ball
you because they have an agreement with the insurance company.  You can
always question the outcome as they may not be intimately familiar with MG's
and the present market.  

Good Luck,

   Gene Balinski

         80 B

At 02:16 PM 10/4/02 -0500, Steve P. wrote:
>My insurance company wants me to get an appraisal on my 79 MGB.  Does anyone
>know where to go to get one?
>All this because I want to increase the stated value of my car by $3000.

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