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Re: Vacuum advance and anti run-on connections to intake

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Subject: Re: Vacuum advance and anti run-on connections to intake
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Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 00:56:51 -0400
What you need is Moss part 367-050 and 367-055 (copper washer). The washer
is available but not the adapter according to Moss's MGB-0204 catalog. I got
mine from Vicky Brit, but they also show it N/A now. You probably can get it
from a breakers (junkyard), such as the one run by Tony Barnhill . I've delt with him and he's very fair. Do get
the new copper washer(s) though. On my setup (2 HS4's) I used two adapters,
one for the vacuum advance and the other for the anti-runon valve, but I see
no reason why you can't use just one with a "T" fitting to supply both.


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Subject: Vacuum advance and anti run-on connections to intake manifold

> I'm trying to connect the anti run-on valve and distributor vacuum advance
to my intake manifold, but there aren't any pipes to connect them to.  The
car is a 1980 MGB, and the manifold is from a 1972 (HIF-4 carb swap).  The
emissions equipment is long gone.  Before the car fire neither one was
connected because the vacuum advance on the distributor was broken, and the
anti run-on valve was broken.  Now that I have new parts, I'd like them to
be connected.  The Moss catalog shows an adaptor (373-865) for the anti
run-on valve going to the car's original manifold, but nothing for the
vacuum advance because it was originally connected to the Z-S carb.  I
didn't see any adaptors or connectors for the manifold that I've got.  I do
have an adaptor installed; it's a right-angle adaptor (373-860) that I've
got blocked off, but maybe I could use that somehow for both connections.
> I'm hoping that there are some threaded adaptors that I can just screw
into the manifold.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> Thanks.
> --Steve (1980 MGB)

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