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Refurbishing wire wheels

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Subject: Refurbishing wire wheels
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Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 09:52:38 +0200
I have 6 ugly wire wheels for my 70b.
If I had an unlimited budget, I would use 5 for sculpture, keep one as a
spare, and buy all new wheels and hubs.
But, for now, I'm stuck with them.  So, I want to at least make them
drivable and presentable.
The wheels have various degrees of wobble, really bad paint, and a few (the
spares) have surface rust spots around the rim.  The splines are OK.

I have found a motorcycle restoration shop that is willing to true them, as
well as a place that does on-car balancing.

What I am looking for from the list is a battle plan:
1. remove tires/tubes, all balancing weights.
2. remove old paint & rust
3. true
4. prime & paint
5. remount tires, balance on car.

The questions:
1 - best way to clean them up?  Sandblast?  Chemical dip (like radiators)
and then wire wheel off the rust by hand?
2 - is it better to have them trued before or after cleaning? (i.e., what is
more likely - cleaning will mess up the truing, or truing will mar the
surface before painting?)
3 - painting (not worth chroming) - what type of prep/primer/paint combo is
best for wheels?  Powder coat?

70 roadster (minus boot badge which some @)(&$#*! swiped)
Tel Aviv

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