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Rear Wheel Bearings

Subject: Rear Wheel Bearings
From: James Feyrer <james.feyrer@Dartmouth.EDU>
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 21:45:13 -0400
I just started working on my 1968 MGB which has spent the last six years 
sitting in a garage.  The car was in pretty good shape before storage 
and was driven almost daily.  Since the master cylinder went dry while 
the car sat, I am taking the opportunity to replace all the brake 
hydraulics at the wheels.  I also have the parts to do the rear wheel 
bearings since one of the two was a bit noisy when the car was last 
driven regularly.

How big a deal is it to replace the rear wheel bearings?  The Haynes 
manual mentions a tool for extracting the axelshaft.  What is really 
necessary to get the job done?  Is a machine shop required to remove the 
old bearing and press in the new one?  Is refitting the axelshaft easy? 
I ask all this, because the bearings are probably not crucial to getting 
the car back on the road so I may skip it this round if it is a pain.  I 
just figured that it was worth doing as long as I am in the neighborhood.

Also, since the car sat for 6 years, any suggestions about potential 
storage issues would be apprecitated.


Jim Feyrer

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