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Re: Rear Wheel Bearings

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Subject: Re: Rear Wheel Bearings
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Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 09:00:18 +0100
Assuming the tube/Salisbury axle no big deal to get the half-shafts out but
you really need someone with a press to get the old bearings off and the new
ones on.  Getting the hub off is the first minor hurdle.  I used a pair of
steel wedges between the back of the hub and the heads of the backplate
bolts without damage, others recommend fitting an OLD brake drum on
backwards and hitting that with a mallet.  Once you have that and the
backplate off you can refit the hub loosely and hit the back of that with a
mallet to withdraw the shaft and bearing.  Replace the oil seal in the
bearing retainer cap, and check the collar on the half-shaft that the
oil-sel runs on for grooving.  Unless it is unmarked replace that collar
too, it just slides off with a bit of encouragement.  But if the bearing
aren't growling at speed and the oil seals aren't leaking they aint bust so
don't fix them.

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Subject: Rear Wheel Bearings

> How big a deal is it to replace the rear wheel bearings?  The Haynes
> manual mentions a tool for extracting the axelshaft.  What is really
> necessary to get the job done?  Is a machine shop required to remove the
> old bearing and press in the new one?  Is refitting the axelshaft easy?
> I ask all this, because the bearings are probably not crucial to getting
> the car back on the road so I may skip it this round if it is a pain.

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