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RE: MG in movie/75 BGT

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Subject: RE: MG in movie/75 BGT
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Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 08:02:47 -0700

1974-75 were not very happy years for MGs export market.  The tightening
Federal and California DOT and EPA requirements became too much for the
struggling engineers to deal with.  It was too difficult to make the 1975
MGB GT pass the tighter California emmissions, so it was not sold there.
Luckily the Federal EPA requirements lagged behind California, so the rest
of the states did get the Rubber bumper MGB GT without catalytic converter
for one year.  In 1976 all the MGBs had to meet tighter restrictions
requiring catalytic converters and additional testing and the BGT was no
longer imported.  So there are few rubber bumper GTs in the US, and only a
handful of them that snuck into California.

The Rubber Bumper GT continued on in the UK and Europe till the end of

        (snort)  I do remember watching a fellow club member running a stock
75 BGT in the Glenwood Springs Autocross in Colorado (i think in 1987).  It
looked like he was going to grind the door handles off the car on some of
the tighter areas of the circuit.

        Here's a question.   Did the 1975 Federal MGB GT have a front anti
roll bar??

Enquiring minds and all that.

> I rented a movie on DVD recently by the name of Crush. Besides being a
> fairly entertaining movie, it featured an MGBGT.
> Of note to my inexperienced eye, was that it had rubber 
> bumpers. Having
> only seen CB GT's, is this an uncommon model?
> BTW it was filmed in England.
> Just wondering.
> Aubrey 75B

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